if you ever think you’re bad with children, consider this: an eagle attacked my little cousin once when i was babysitting and i was laughing too hard to help or comfort him



"A girl and her corpse" Michael Hutter

Erik enjoys a nice day at the park with Christine on her day off. He’ll probably get sunburn though as its awfully bright looking there unless that’s the moon; and we all know that Mr. Cellar-Dweller here hasn’t touched a ray of natural light in his entire life

i always find all i ask of you awkward without costumes because suddenly it’s not raoul and christine kissing passionately it’s mmp and jeremy hays or whatever duo you’re watching and i feel like a voyeur instead of a person at a show
maybe i’m just weird??


Ciaran Murphy - Wolves (2010)
if I was a monsterboy/monstergirl/monsterperson, what kind do you think I would be?

“I had an awful job finding his core, his character, his personality and relating it too myself.. The in house director was a great guy called Geoff Ferris., and after watching me struggle with it for a few days.. (I only had about 21/2 weeks to learn it) He suggested that I be fitted up in the complete costume wigs and makeup., this was done., and it felt really weird standing there looking at myself in the rehearsal studio’s full length mirrors.. I couldn’t, I didn’t, see me at all. All I saw was The Phantom’ standing there not knowing what to do with himself, and then, all of a sudden… just like magic… I felt his awkwardness and vulnerability. We then slowly became kind of one.. I suddenly started to move in a strange, sort of balletic manner and my personality and demeanor became slightly creepy. I found myself wanting to be romantically sexy with the role.. the hands started fluttering and twitching when excited, my walk became a glide and I found myself rubbing my hands up and down my thighs.. And my anger was like lightning and instantly fierce.. I had found my phantom.. Thank you Geoff Ferris..” — Peter Karrie on playing the Phantom