“Princess Margherita” (detail), by Michele Gordigiani (1835 – 1909)

it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

Opéra de Paris
Paris 1960s
Patrice Molinard




ngl i can get really mad at alw’s phantom. the musical doesn’t give christine a lot of room to be the badass goddess she is. :(

FUCK YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID YES YES YES and lol dskjf ‘xoxo leroux girl’ omg new username lerouxgirlxox fave

but YES i feel like bc ‘phantom’ is in the name of the musical they give him the final bow but he doesn’t do SHIT he’s not even on stage for an hour i think? like? come on? it’s christine’s story and the phantom is just a player in it she’s the one who is kidnapped and lied to and she’s the one that is able to know everything erik’s done and is strong enough to show him compassion anyway she is so strong and through all of this who does she have to lean on? NO ONE she is self-reliant and strong as hell and teaches the phantom how to love while growing into a strong woman who makes decisions for herself and I JUST CHRISTINE DAAE CHRISTINE FUCKING DAAE OK SHE FUCKING DESERVES THE FINAL BOW THANK U AND GOODNIGHT ;_;


Roger Davis

but what if Meg had gone with Raoul to attempt to rescue Christine?
How would things be different?
Erik was clearly expecting Raoul to show up, but what would he do with Meg if she showed up? I love thinking about this holy shit

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